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This is the datasheet for FM57SE Educational Small Model Commercial Radar and Antenna Testing System in Chamber.

Brochures 2019-09-01


The product’s primary function is to effectively and automatically perform electromagnetic testing, analysis and QC verification for either R&D or mass production purposes in chamber environment. It supports 2-220GHz wireless measurement using innovative farfield technologies. This document describes some highlight functionalities of the system.

Brochures 2019-09-04


This is the selection guide for the product FM57 Commercial Radar and Antenna Testing System in Chamber. It described its specifications and various options customer can choose.

Brochures 2019-09-01


FM81 Product Brochure that gives general introduction to robotic testing systems and its technical highlights...

Brochures 2019-09-01


Product selection guide for FM81 Wireless Testing and Performance Assessment Systems

Brochures 2019-09-01

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