Sustainability is at the core of how Fragrant Mountain Microwave (F&MM) manages its business. We are committed to making careful, ecologically sound use of natural resources and minimizing the environmental footprint of our operations wherever we can. Besides reducing and avoiding greenhouse gas emissions, our efforts and initiatives toward sustainability include thorough compliance with prevailing environmental laws, directives and standards such as RoHS, REACH, WEEE and ISO 14001. At the same time, we work to demanding in-house standards, framed in company directives and targets that are more stringent than today’s statutory requirements. Environmental responsibility at F&MM encompasses the entire product life cycle, from design and development to production and recycle. It influences all our business processes and shapes the way we manage our company operations. Our continued efforts to advance sustainable environmental practices at F&MM not only reduce our eco-footprint but are also beneficial for people who use our products.

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Minimize Energy

F&MM has established different energy efficient practices to minimize our business energy consumption. Those actions include but not limited to perform energy auditing, change light bulbs, use hibernation feature of device, reduce paper wastage, keep control on heating and cooling, plant shady trees outside company, limit employee working hours and encourage work at outdoor.  


Sustainable Materials 

 All F&MM products are lead-free and meets RoHS requirements. This means these products are free of substances that are either restricted or prohibited by law. The same applies to other products insofar as they do not rely on specific groups of substances in order to meet special requirements, such as the ability to operate in extreme environments. We avoid harmful substances whenever there are viable alternatives. When it comes to equipment finishes, we primarily use environmentally compatible powder coatings. We also comply with the REACH requirements on the use and declaration of materials in our products.


Sustainable Designs  

 Wherever possible, F&MM uses highly integrated, energy-efficient components based on the latest technology to achieve performance targets and keep our design sustainable. For example, we emphasize on reusable hardware, parts and components, and try to minimize the number of elements for any system integration. All package materials are recyclable, and have clear markers on its compliance to environmental requirement. We also establish recycle plans for our product, our customers can contact us to recycle any products we designed and manufactured. 


Conflict Minerals Policy 

F&MM pays very much attention to the domestic, European and international developments regarding ethical, social and environmental standards. F&MM has always been committed to transparent business practices and high ethical standards. Furthermore, we expect also our suppliers to conduct their worldwide operations in a manner that does not result in labor or human rights violation and source minerals only from responsible sources. F&MM is in contact with several suppliers on a regular basis to avoid sourcing of Conflict Minerals. Therefore, we for the time being can assume that F&MM does neither source and use raw material for its products nor knowingly use any other components for its products containing any of the defined “conflict minerals” like coltan, niobium, tantalum, tin, gold or tungsten. 


Occupational Safety Policy

We strictly observe and implement all relevant laws, standards and regulations as well as contractual obligations. We also utilize any other information offering improvements in safety and environmental protection as it becomes available.


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